How to Communicate Effectively During Times of Change

Effective communication during times of rapid change is different in style to communication in a steady state or “business as usual” environment. If you are a team leader, here are some tips that you might find useful to practice at this time:

Make Communication Regular and Frequent
It is imperative to set the expectation that there will be regular communication that is credible and comprehensive. Often there is a tendency for people to wait to send any type of communication until all the information is known and available. This is a mistake! It’s much more important to cycle your communication and repeat the same message often than to wait until all the information is complete and perfect. What if you don’t know something? Tell them! You can always say, “We don’t have all the information yet, but this is what we do know.”

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How to Improve the Customer Experience in a Values-driven Economy

The customer experience has never been as fundamental to business success as it is today. As well as consumers expecting more from the companies and brands they engage with as part of a values-driven economy, innovations in the world of CX have created an increasingly competitive landscape where a poor customer experience approach could put you out of the game for good.

To address your concerns over what you should and shouldn’t be doing to offer great customer experiences that support your growth, we’ve outlined five key steps you can take. While they’re not the total answer, they can help you create a solid foundation for delivering consistent customer experiences.

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