How to Develop and Maintain Organisational Culture

Most organisations in the process of scaling their operations and considering the long-term future of their businesses understand that culture and values will play a key role in their success. This might be a factor which helps to explain the trend for the function traditionally always referred to as Human Resources (HR) being increasingly ‘rebranded’ as ‘People and Culture’.

However, the importance of the function is still often misunderstood or underplayed when it comes to the development and maintenance of organisational culture and alignment.

Organisational culture tends to emerge over time, driven by the intentional efforts of leadership, and HR or People and Culture plays a critical role in making sure that your new and existing employees are fully aware and how they can contribute.

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Adapt Your Customer Strategy for Today

If you are in the customer service sector, you’ll have realized already that things are very different today than they were before the COVID-19 pandemic. Even if you haven’t suffered significant losses to your sales, staying aware of and adapting your business model to the constant behavioural changes around the world can be a stressful task.

The way people work, eat, buy products, communicate, learn and even socialise has changed massively. It’s no longer prudent to rely on the formulas and predictions that once supported your original business model, while the world seems to be in flux as it reacts to both government and societal changes affecting the way people behave. 

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Key Branding Lessons for Big Businesses

Branding and identity are just as relevant when you’re striving to get your product or service to market and grow your customer base as it is when you’re successfully running a large organisation.

By considering branding not just as the way you present yourself externally, but also as the principles and values you rely on to guide employees, customers and service partners to a better understanding of who you are and what you want to achieve in the future, you’ll be able to achieve much greater alignment and integration as your business continues to scale.

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Values are for Living not Laminating

Crafting your organization’s brand values, whether you’re an established company going through an identity shift or a brand new startup, can be a painstaking process. To convey what your organization is all about in an age of unique challenges and global movements has become more than a branding or marketing initiative.

On a number of levels, finalising your brand’s core values is just the beginning. Your  values define the soul of your organization and should guide your business decisions as well as help to define interactions with all stakeholders (employees, customers, service partners, local communities and investors).

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