We’re In this Together! Building A Culture of Trust for the ‘Next Normal’

Protecting employee health and welfare remains a top priority for many leaders. And while the benefits of this go far beyond business performance, it’s true that there’s also a strong financial case for building a culture of trust in the workplace, as we continue to go through very uncertain times together.

We explore this topic and how businesses can frame their future decisions around inclusivity and shared values as we all navigate new challenges.

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How to Build Holistic Customer Experiences

Company owners and business leaders know that customer experience (CX) matters, but building an effective strategy that works across multiple channels isn’t easy.

For one thing, the way digital platforms are evolving means that your channel-based approaches need to be constantly monitored and optimized. We’re also seeing completely new channels enter the mix, such as the increasingly popular Clubhouse a growing number of brands are already leveraging to communicate with new and existing audiences.

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How to Define Brand Success for Your Business

Whether you’re building an entirely new brand or rebranding your organisation around different values and goals, defining what brand success actually looks like is important for tracking the intended outcomes and benefits of the process.

After all, building brands for purely superficial or abstract reasons isn’t beneficial or practical. We should build them to help us achieve better organisational alignment, a sense of identity (both internally and externally), and improve engagement among employees.

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The Link between Employee Accountability and Engagement

Many companies invest resources in raising the engagement of their employees, but despite their best efforts, are not able to see anything like the results they were hoping to achieve.

While the specific reasons for this can be just as varied and complex as the company itself, in some cases, a key reason for this is the lack of trust and accountability employers offer their employees when it comes to core business and operational tasks.

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