Month: April 2021

What Is Brand Vision?

Brand vision refers to the trajectory of a brand and what it hopes to achieve in the future. It is rooted in your core branding, but it encapsulates more than just the here and now. A perfect brand vision for your company will help to guide your business strategy and outline where you hope to be one day.

If you imagine your core brand identity as a kind of anchor, your brand vision is a place on the map you hope to chart a course to. It should resonate with customers and help to inspire employees.

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What Is the ‘One View’ Approach to Employee Engagement? A Quick Introduction

Service Brand Global’s our approach to employee engagement is to encourage ‘one view’ of the organisation. Our strategies and methods for helping companies to improve employee engagement are always based on this concept.

We cover this topic extensively in our recently published book, The Values Economy,  and here are a few key takeaways you can implement if you’re looking to improve things in this area of your business.

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Customer Service Training – Strategies for Improving Customer Experience

While most companies understand that customer service is a key aspect of their business, many do not know exactly how they can train their team so that all customer and client-facing interactions are delivered to the highest standards.

Even fewer know how they can instil a deeper sense of principles in their employees so that customer service activities match their core beliefs and brand values.

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