Release the power of your organisation’s values every day

31Practices for Organisations

31Practices® is a trademarked tool which helps employees bring the brand of their organisation to life through their behaviour.

The approach translates organisational values into practical behaviours so that everybody in an organisation can live these on a day to day basis. The concept is underpinned by psychology theory from a number of areas(eg mindfulness, awareness, internalisation, positive reinforcement and imprinting), endorsed by practitioners (across industry sectors) and academics, and is a winner of the Employee Engagement category for the Association of Business Psychology Awards 2015.

The specific details of the programme are tailor-made for each client so that they can create and deliver their own unique “personality” within an overall approach that is consistent. 31Practices has been used in a variety of local, national and international service environments and has played a major part in the success achieved across a range of business measures. A network of licensed Practitioners is now being developed to promote the concept and deliver 31Practices projects.

Employees play a co-creation role and take ownership for development of the way the tool is used, latitude is given to employees to apply the Practice in their place of work to add most value, and the organisation “heritage” is created through communication of stories.

31Practices is embedded into all operating processes, particularly in the areas of people management, communication and recognition so they become part of the way things are done. The approach helps provide a common culture across internal departments, supply chain delivery partners and remote workers. Over time, consistency of behaviour is built through repetition.

The ongoing support programme provides a balance of freedom and ownership with structured review, feedback and continuous improvement

Practitioner licence available