Customer service employees are the face of the organisation


Here are some examples of case studies to give an idea of the sort of SERVICEBRAND projects that can be delivered. These can be discussed in more detail where there is specific interest because projects are all tailor-made and can vary enormously eg from a comprehensive SERVICEBRAND scope with 14 workstreams globally for a major automotive company to a standalone 31Practices values initiative for a UK financial services business to an EMEA supply chain service excellence culture programme. The objective is always to drive measurable success through inspiring positive employee behaviour to deliver outstanding customer experience, aligned to the organisation brand and values.

Transformation of a five star hotel – three consecutive all green balanced scorecards and Hotel of the Year award.

“When I arrived last night, I explained to the young night porter that I had forgotten my business suit. I was amazed when he offered to collect his own suit from home to lend to me”

One Team service excellence programme for the FM supply chain of a FTSE 100 company – 10% cost reduction, 10% customer satisfaction improvement, Corenet Global Innovation award.

“The receptionist asked me to lift my terrier up in front of the camera, asked his name and printed off a name badge. The best welcome I have had in any corporate office in the world.”

Creation and implementation of a consistent, global service brand and values-based One Team culture in key locations for an investment bank.

“I had lost my wallet and returned to the office because I had no means of getting home. The security officer drove me there and made sure I was safe.”

One Team and 31Practices implementation in the London portfolio of a property company – record 95% customer satisfaction rating.

“My engagement ring went down the washroom plughole and the cleaner rescued it for me”

31Practices values project helping to achieve Sunday Times mid-size company ranking number 3 and Association of Business Psychology Employee Engagement Award

“Making LifeSearch a values driven company is the best decision I have ever made”

Award-winning One Team Service Excellence programme for EMEA region Real Estate and Facilities Management function

“This is ground breaking work in our sector”

Award winning EMEA supply chain One Team project