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Past engagements

  • CIPD13 Manchester

Embedding and Sustaining Values-Based Leadership within your Organisation

  • Customer Service Training Network London

Omotenashi, the practice of heartfelt hospitality

  • Facilities Management 2014 Birmingham

How FM can bring organizational values to life… or not

  • Springboard London

Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast workshop

  • CIPD Learning & Development Show London

Values-based Leadership: linking people development to company values

  • European Facility Management Conference: “Innovation, Integration, Vision” Berlin

It’s my pleasure: FM – learning from the Hospitality sector

  • Building a Values-Driven Society Stockholm

my31Practices: Creating your own personal values footprint

  • CIPD Organisation Development Conference London

Embedding and Sustaining Change within your Organisation

  • ThinkFM 2013 (BIFM annual conference) London

Unleashing FM to Bring Your Organizational Values to Life

  • Innovation Network (ODiN) London

Out of the Boardroom into the business: The value of values… in practice

  • Internal Communication Directors Forum London

Awaken… Connect… Action

  • 2015 Annual ABP Conference Reading

Values in practice: enhancing your reputation every day… or not…

  • MIA London

31Practices workshop

  • Independent Hotel Show London

What is the modern face of service?

  • ABP Annual Conference Reading

The value of values… in practice

  • 33Voices US radio

Release the power of your organization’s values

  • Soundview Live Global webinar

Release the Power of Your Organisation’s Values

  • ABP Workforce Experience Awards London

Awaken… Connect… Action

  • Royal Mail Women’s Network London

Release the Power of Your Organisation’s Values

  • BQF Annual Leadership Conference Chesham

Leadership – It’s Personal: The Value of Values

  • EFMC 2015 Glasgow

People make FM: Service Excellence in FM

  • HBAA Annual Forum 2015 Birmingham

Out of the Boardroom into the business: The value of values… in practice

  • Zurich University of Applied Sciences Zurich

Institute of Facility Management MSc SERVICEBRAND workshop