Values are for living, not laminating

Values driven leadership is about decisions and behaviour not posters and mousemats
A values driven organisation needs values driven leadership and also a way of bringing values to life so that the culture and values is part of the employees’ every day experience at work. Leaders in organisations of different sizes, in different sectors and geographies have similar feedback about the value of the 31Practices approach. In a nutshell, they say it is a powerful way of bringing values to life for an organisation, makes the organisational culture and values “real” for employees, helps to develop a service excellence culture and facilitates values-driven leadership.

31Practices is an award-winning approach, which results in congruent behaviour, alignment and a greater sense of fulfilment. This is achieved by translating stated values into day to day behaviour… in practice. A unique set of thirty one Practices is created with each Practice being explicitly connected to the values. Then a process of mindful, daily repeated practice embeds the behaviour over time. As a result, the values are lived… every day… The approach is used at an organisational level to convert employees into brand ambassadors and at an individual level to have a positive impact on personal wellbeing. The 31Practices approach has been the subject of two internationally, critically-acclaimed books.

Tool for Organisations

A tool for organisations to release the power of their VALUES every day

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The book featuring the photography of Matthieu Ricard

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Tool for Individuals

A tool for individuals to release the secret of their VALUES every day

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The book featuring wonderful illustrations by John Montgomery

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Matthieu Ricard welcomes the publication of the first 31Practices book