Trust in decisions at the point of service delivery


The SERVICEBRAND approach is based on the well respected service profit chain model (“Putting the Service-Profit Chain to Work”, Heskett et al, – Harvard Business Review) and includes the additional elements of Brand Identity and Systems & Processes.

All areas are aligned at the levels of Strategy, Management and Delivery.

A supportive, coaching style is used to engender ownership and deliver sustained success.

We collaborate with a network of partners to deliver bespoke SERVICEBRAND initiatives.

The focus is on placing the Customer Experience at the heart of the business and aligning the following areas:

Brand Identity

Having a strong sense of Purpose and Values guiding all areas of the operation.

Employee Engagement

Inspiring people to be One Team of true ambassadors for the organisation.

Systems & Processes

Ensuring that the organisation infrastructure supports the other elements.

The SERVICEBRAND elements are aligned at the levels of strategy, management and delivery
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A business excellence assessment designed specifically for customer facing organisations using the SERVICEBRAND approach to drive improvement

Corevaluescore Survey

Understand quantitative and qualitative stakeholder perception of your organisational values


Differentiate your organisation with high impact, brand-aligned “signatures”


Identify areas of priority and best ROI in the customer experience journey

Values Align

Improve the recruitment process effectiveness by using values-based recruitment

Values Calculator

Identify your organisation’s core values efficiently with collective leadership team buy in

31Practices & my31Practices

An award-winning values-driven approach, which results in congruent behaviour, alignment and a greater sense of fulfilment – used at both an organisational and individual level and the subuect of two internationally acclaimed books


Equip your service team with The Practice of Heartfelt Hospitality – focus on shared values, emotional intelligence and personal impact


Articulate and align a values-driven strategy, establishing clarity and gaining individual and collective commitment from the leadership team

Values Pledge

Become values-driven in practice – send an important message to customers, employees and others that you are clear about what really matters to you and practice what you preach