Month: February 2021

What Role Do Values Play in Bringing our Whole Self to Work?

Many neglect to bring their personal feelings and emotions into the workplace. Often, organisations will adhere to more conservative assumptions about the role of emotion when it comes to dealing with colleagues, customers, clients and more, causing people to leave their personal opinions and experiences at the door.

In truth, emotion and genuine human experience is a powerful tool in building a strong and healthy organisation. Even in industries like insurance or finance where there is a heavy focus on the data and spreadsheets, bringing more of ourselves to work can improve the unity of a business and create greater appeal for customers and clients.

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How Organisational Alignment Improves Decision Making in the Workplace

Poor and lengthy decision making wastes time and can lower productivity significantly. Many leaders already know this and are in the process of shifting their practices within their organizations. Other companies have more entrenched practices and hierarchies that can make a change in this area much harder.

Nevertheless, there are some key characteristics that lead to better and more efficient decision making and we explore what some of these are.
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Key Customer Experience Challenges and How to Overcome them

Before you even start to think about customer experience innovation, you need to make sure you’re not suffering from the most common obstacles and challenges many organisations face when it comes to keeping customers happy.

Customer experience (CX) refers to the holistic ecosystem of the customer journey. It’s not just how happy people are after purchasing your products or using your services. Everything from your marketing content, online resources, payments gateway, and customer service activities play a role in CX. Customers are looking for a consistent customer experience irrespective of time, geography or channel.

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Are Employee Concerns Impeding Engagement?

With the many serious changes that have now taken place to the way we live and work due to the COVID-19 crisis, it’s natural for various employee concerns and anxieties to prevent employees from feeling fully motivated and totally integrated with their workplace and company.

At the same, many brands are striving to show the world they care about various global issues like healthcare, social justices and economic equality. However, some are overlooking the importance of maintaining integrity internally among their own people.

As people’s lives are twisted and turned in various directions, now is the best time to invest time, effort and money in ensuring your employees are looked after and cared for, within the context of the huge changes taking place in society.

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