What Kind of Employee Performance Should be Measured?

Having accountability and performance tracking in the workplace is a vital part of all successful organizations, but companies will do well not to focus too much on the role of extrinsic motivation.
While reaching set targets is important and can encourage people to push harder for certain milestones and objectives in the hope of various rewards, intrinsic motivation that is aligned with company values is a much more powerful driver of productivity and employee engagement.
To do this it is necessary to focus on the acts and behaviors that warrant recognition within the context of a brand’s values and ethos, as well as rewarding people for reaching commercial targets. A good recognition program should therefore be aligned with the core values of the organization and not just sales targets or other such indicators of success.
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Aligning Your Employee Experience with Your Brand Values

It is important that the experience your employees have working in your company accurately reflects your organization’s distinct brand values. The attitude they have when interacting with customers and clients will be heavily influenced by the way they have been treated by managers and leadership individuals.

Employees will also emulate the way their colleagues behave, so ensuring that the employee life cycle is consistent for all your employees is important in building a business with strong organizational alignment and employee engagement.
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How to Promote Healthy and Productive Virtual Work Policies

As lockdowns and restrictions around the world start to ease and more people are allowed to head back to their offices, there has been a somewhat understandable confusion in many companies over how to approach work from home arrangements.

Some organizations have stressed the need to have their workforce back at desks as soon as possible, while others have fully embraced virtual working, allowing employees to make their own decision about where (and even when) they want to work.
While the circumstances might be very different depending on your business type and sector, the reality is that accepting this massive shift in work culture and finding ways to adapt your systems and employee experience strategy is crucial for maintaining productivity and employee engagement.
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Ways to Improve Learning and Development Opportunities in the Workplace

Having opportunities to learn and grow is a major driver of employee satisfaction and a key selling point for organizations in the global jobs market. Despite having a grasp of this concept, many businesses are hesitant to invest in employee training and development programs.

This might be due to fears of costs, impact on productivity when employees time is taken up by non-essential work activities, and the risk of employees upskilling and leaving you for a role in another company. However, while there are some careful considerations to be made about how you integrate development opportunities in the workplace and how to achieve a good return on investment, the data shows that companies that invest in their employees perform better.

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