Key Customer Experience Challenges and How to Overcome them

Before you even start to think about customer experience innovation, you need to make sure you’re not suffering from the most common obstacles and challenges many organisations face when it comes to keeping customers happy.

Customer experience (CX) refers to the holistic ecosystem of the customer journey. It’s not just how happy people are after purchasing your products or using your services. Everything from your marketing content, online resources, payments gateway, and customer service activities play a role in CX. Customers are looking for a consistent customer experience irrespective of time, geography or channel.

Making Data-backed Decisions

Many companies struggle with data collection and interpretation, yet it’s a crucial part of understanding your customers, what they like, how they interact with your brand, and whether they go away with a positive impression of your organisation.

Most businesses don’t have access to the data they need, and even if they do, most aren’t able to take actionable insights from them that can lead to impactful changes to their customer experience strategies.

Without a good base of knowledge and an ongoing way to measure performance, there’s no way you can truly have an innovative customer experience.


Find a way to accurately track and store data, even if you have to pay for someone to do it for you. Any decent marketing professional should be able to handle the basics of search analytics and insights into your online traffic, but you might need to equip them with the right tools and integrations to be more effective.

Secondly, make sure that data is compiled into understandable reports that can be shared across your company. Look to track core KPIs over time and assess whether changes to your CX strategy yield positive results.

Low Understanding About of How CX Benefits Your Organization

Some companies struggle to get people invested in CX strategy, even at the highest levels. This can be because individuals are not sure how it can directly improve company performance and ROI. The result is that limited resources and energy are assigned to improving the customer experience strategy of your brand. It is good reminder that if there are no customers, there is no organisation.


Implement internal campaigns to educate people about the value of CX and the benefits of aligning your company’s values and identity with how you interact with customers across various channels.

If people are sceptical, use data to tell a compelling story about how CX can ultimately drive greater traffic to your channels, improve customer loyalty and improve your profits. Breaking down the impact of CX into quantitative metrics like customer churn rate or lifetime value of customers can help people understand the key role that CX plays in the success of your organisation.

Ineffective or Outdated Resources

Your website should be a hub for important information for all things relating to your organisation. And if nothing else, it should be a place where people can be directed to relevant contacts or sources to find the answer they want.

If your online resources and documentation are outdated or are not optimised to address the concerns of your customers, this can undermine your customer experience journey, adding an unnecessary level of frustration.

Cold prospects don’t have much to go on before deciding whether or not to take the next step, which could be a phone call, email or subscription to your newsletter.

People use your website to judge you, your company. If it’s apparent that your content is old or not relevant to their needs, visitors may leave frustrated and confused.

Your website should be a reliable, current source of information and resources to serve both your customers and your employees.

How to fix it?

To keep your website up to date, frequently review and update content, check for broken links, use relevant keywords and make sure your site is fast and mobile-friendly. Visitors will appreciate your attention to detail and a smooth online experience.

Overcoming Customer Experience Challenges

If your organisation is suffering from any of the mentioned obstacles, or some we haven’t talked about, SERVICE BRAND GLOBAL might be able to help you build an intelligent CX strategy that drives increased customer loyalty and engagement across all your channels.