Can Employee Engagement be Measured?

It sometimes takes an outside perspective to help you truly understand the way your employees feel about your brand and how committed they are to their roles. However, not everyone is in a position to hire the services of professional engagement specialists.

As such, it can be incredibly useful to understand how to define engagement levels by yourself, through internal processes and activities. This can put you in a much better position for building appropriate employee engagement solutions to match the needs of your business.
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Customer Service vs Customer Experience – What Are the Key Differences?

Customer service and customer experience are both important aspects of any organisation, but these two terms are often used interchangeably with some confusion about the important key differences that exist. This can diminish the effectiveness of specific processes and activities within an organisation.

We explore what both these phrases mean and how you can differentiate your internal strategies so that improvement is more targeted and sustainable.

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Branding vs. Marketing – What’s the Difference and What Roles Do They Play in Organisational Success?

If you’re running a company or are involved in high-level decisions as part of a leadership team, you probably already know the difference between branding and marketing. However, reminding yourself of the roles they play and how they contribute to organisational success in different ways can help you to build more effective internal processes and initiate important company-wide changes.

After going through a certain amount of branding, many companies sit back and think the job is done. Yet, a brand needs constant maintenance and care as your business grows. By relying too heavily on marketing tactics without addressing the core branding and identity of your businesses as you scale, you could be jeopardizing the way both your customers and your employees perceive your brand.
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How Engaged Are Your Employees? Defining the Basics

There’s a lot of information and alternative theories about how to improve employee engagement and most company owners and senior HR leaders already have some experience working on strategies to improve the morale and motivation of their employees.

However, many organisations are still operating without complete clarity about what good employee engagement should look like and where their employees sit in terms of their levels of engagement.

Here, we explore a few fundamental aspects of employee engagement and how to categorise the engagement of your employees so you can build a more targeted strategy for making lasting change within the context of your organisation’s culture and values.

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