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Understanding the Strategic Implementation Process

Strategic implementation refers to the process of executing plans and strategies. These processes aim to achieve long-term goals within an organization.

Strategic implementation, in other words, is a technique through which a firm develops. It utilizes and integrates new processes into the structure of an organization. This ensures that the culture, resources, people, and systems all follow the strategies put in place. Strategic implementation can be a driving force for your brand in a competitive market.

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Looking to Values for Strength Versus Covid-19

How our personal values can support us at this challenging time

I have spoken to several people, now working from home, who are feeling “lost” to varying degrees at this time, searching for structure, direction and purpose. This is a good time to reboot: clear away everything that is unnecessary and focus on what is important to us. One way to do this is to identify your values, translate these into practical behaviours and then consciously practice them every day. This is the framework for the my31Practices approach: Identify, Action, Impact, Refine. The approach draws on a variety of sources such as psychology, neuroscience, mindfulness, NLP, action learning, habit formation and others and the book, MY 31 PRACTICES, release the power of your values for authentic happiness, co-authored with Steve Payne and illustrated by John Montgomery was published in 2016.

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How to Communicate Effectively During Times of Change

Effective communication during times of rapid change is different in style to communication in a steady state or “business as usual” environment. If you are a team leader, here are some tips that you might find useful to practice at this time:

Make Communication Regular and Frequent
It is imperative to set the expectation that there will be regular communication that is credible and comprehensive. Often there is a tendency for people to wait to send any type of communication until all the information is known and available. This is a mistake! It’s much more important to cycle your communication and repeat the same message often than to wait until all the information is complete and perfect. What if you don’t know something? Tell them! You can always say, “We don’t have all the information yet, but this is what we do know.”

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Synchronicity and closing circles

Long haul flights provide the opportunity for thinking time, sometimes even more than anticipated – thanks to BA for a cancelled flight.  I am on my way to New York to attend the Second Global Conference on Creating Value and give a talk about how values add value.  The talk is in the context of what I refer to as the Values Economy: how more people are making decisions based less on a rational and financial basis and more at a deeper, emotional level – think of the growth of Fair Trade.  The title of the book I am writing due for publication in 2020 is “The Values Economy: How to deliver values-driven service for sustained performance.”

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New Year’s Resolution Time: Chapter 2018 – What Story will you Write?

As 2018 will be with us in a few days, you might be thinking about New Year’s resolutions. If, like many people, you have experienced disappointment in previous years when failing to do more exercise, drink less alcohol or lose weight etc. why not try something different? Consider a New Year’s resolution for 2018 “to live my life in line with my personal values”. What will you and others say about your Chapter 2018?

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The impact of values

“You must get involved to have an impact. No one is impressed with the won-lost record of the referee.” Napoleon Hilli

“To make a difference”…. How often do you hear this answer when people are asked what they want to achieve in their lives (at work, for their community or at an individual level)? To impact means to have a marked influence, a strong effect on someone or something.

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When things do not go according to plan with service delivery

In the last couple of weeks, I have experienced two very contrasting approaches to service recovery or complaint handling and find it fascinating that the way in which the issues were handled were so completely different. Usually, making comparisons is about identifying some differences within a structure that is basically the same or similar, whereas in the examples I am sharing here, I think you will agree that such a comparison is impossible because the two approaches are as different as night and day. In the interest of time and to remove my personal opinion/bias I have listed a chronology of events for each situation:

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Summertime and the service is easy…

Recently, I took a courtesy bus from the railway station to a client office and during the journey, the driver whistled “Summertime”.  This happens to be one of my favourite tunes and he whistled very well so it was a really enjoyable experience.  When the bus stopped, I said “thankyou” and he wished me a good day in a genuinely warm way.  I also noticed that he was immaculately groomed and very smartly dressed.

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Do you love values?

Values at Heart 2018

Research shows that people who are clear about their own personal values are happier and more fulfilled and up to 17% more engaged at work than people who do not have that clarity ¹. For the first two weeks of February 2018, you can take a special ‘Values at Heart’ profile, courtesy of and use my31Practices to release the power of these values every day. You can sign up yourself or with friends… or, if you are an employer, encourage your employees to take part to show your organisation cares about what matters to them.

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