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Values Are For Living, Not Laminating

The Grenfell inquiry has recently heard witnesses from Rydon, the contractor which took on the design and build responsibility for the Grenfell Tower project from April 2014 onwards.  A number of news stories were covered:

  • Rydon sought to keep more than £100,000 of the savings made by switching to the deadly aluminium composite material cladding on Grenfell Tower by hiding the true costs from its client.
  • The Rydon contract manager was described as using ‘Essex boy patter’ to push the cheaper cladding option for Grenfell.
  • There were some issues between Rydon employees and  ‘vocal and aggressive’ Grenfell residents who complained about fire safety
  • Rydon’s project manager was unable to explain the presence of “shockingly poor workmanship” on cavity barriers in the cladding system installed on the building.
  • It is interesting to note that Rydon Group website states the following:
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4 mistakes “values-driven” organizations make

In the six years since the first edition of The 31 Practices book was published, the topic of values has caught the imagination all over the world.  It has become fashionable for organizations to describe themselves as values-driven and yet, for the stakeholders (employees, customers, service partners, local communities, investors, members, citizens) of some, if not many, of these organizations, there is a disconnect between the aspirational words and the experienced reality. To quote the legendary baseball coach, Yogi Berra “In theory there is no difference between practice and theory. In practice, there is”.

So why is it such a challenge to be a values-driven organisation… in practice?  Here are four mistakes organizations can make, and you might be able to add more to the list.   Consider the questions in each section and how they relate to your own organization.

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