Values-Driven Leadership: A Pathway to Sustained Organisational Success

The most successful organisations are those that are values-driven. They are high performing, and their employees are the most engaged. They bring commitment and energy to their work. They believe in what they’re doing and are, therefore more productive.

That engagement, commitment, and energy come from every corner of an organisation. Our passion at SERVICE BRAND GLOBAL is to work with companies and their progressive leaders to instil and foster a sense of authentic employee engagement for organisational success. 

It Doesn’t Happen Overnight

However, this kind of organisational change or shift in thinking and behaviour doesn’t happen overnight. 

We at SERVICE BRAND GLOBAL believe that it’s organizational leaders’ responsibility to build-up, equip, and manage the capabilities of their teams towards being a values-driven organisation. We also believe that the organisation’s values are the key driver and act as a centre of gravity.

If you want to create a more values-driven leadership-led organization, it’s going to require a new way of thinking and behaving at all levels of the company.

We can help your organisation become more successful through its values-driven leadership for sustained growth and employee engagement and productivity.

Values Economy Toolkit

We believe that by taking a three-pronged approach, we can help your company become values-driven, leading to sustained organisational success.

We look at the following strands: 

  • Brand identity
  • Leadership and employee engagement and development
  • Customer experience

Brand Identity

We work closely with you from the top down to create a brand identity that is truly yours. If your organisation isn’t clear about what it is and what it believes in, then your customers and employees will never truly be engaged. 

We’ll dig deep to create a real personality and character for your company. We’ll engage with your leaders and your teams to create an authentic, specific, and common Purpose, Values, and Service Promise for your company. These are your organisational foundations. They underpin everything, including how you make decisions and how your company grows and drives success internally and externally.

We’ll also help you and your employees create a visual identity and tone of voice for your organisation. It helps to ensure everyone in-house and externally knows who you are and what you represent. 

Leadership and Employee Engagement and Development

Once you have values that resonate with your leadership teams and employees, you’re now able to lead and evaluate your organisation. We create a leadership development programme alongside learning, development, and training programmes for your organisation that aligns with your brand, vision, purpose, and service promise.

Part of this approach includes converting employees into brand ambassadors to drive your company ethos, not just internally, but to your stakeholders and customers. Your values are the guiding light for how you develop your leadership team and employees. 

Customer Experience

Your values have to be reflected in every part of the customer experience and journey, irrespective of which communication channels your customers use. 

Put, if your customers are happy because they’ve enjoyed a great customer experience driven by your organisation’s values, they’ll stay loyal to your brand.

We Don’t Stop There

Your values and brand are clearly defined. You have a leadership and employee development framework in place based on your values and brand. How do you sustain high performance and success? 

We at SERVICE BRAND GLOBAL help you evaluate and measure performance by applying value-based leadership methods. You may already have performance metrics in place, and we work with you to develop these to fit your organisational change and new culture. You have new or refreshed HR tools to regularly measure both performance and engagement are a powerful means of improving and sustaining organisational change and behaviour.

Being Open

Committing an organisation to a cultural shift in values-driven communication requires a different approach to communication and expression. SERVICE BRAND GLOBAL helps you develop a means of communicating your organisational and leadership values to your teams and customers at every opportunity. Be it through your recruitment, induction and exit interviews, team meetings, appraisals, internal communications tools, and employee events. The language you use is just as important as the methods you use.

Final Thoughts

I would love to explore the aspirations and ambitions. For that, you have to create a values-driven organisation that’s successful and has fully engaged employees and loyal customers.

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