Key Branding Lessons for Big Businesses

Branding and identity are just as relevant when you’re striving to get your product or service to market and grow your customer base as it is when you’re successfully running a large organisation.

By considering branding not just as the way you present yourself externally, but also as the principles and values you rely on to guide employees, customers and service partners to a better understanding of who you are and what you want to achieve in the future, you’ll be able to achieve much greater alignment and integration as your business continues to scale.

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Values are for Living not Laminating

Crafting your organization’s brand values, whether you’re an established company going through an identity shift or a brand new startup, can be a painstaking process. To convey what your organization is all about in an age of unique challenges and global movements has become more than a branding or marketing initiative.

On a number of levels, finalising your brand’s core values is just the beginning. Your  values define the soul of your organization and should guide your business decisions as well as help to define interactions with all stakeholders (employees, customers, service partners, local communities and investors).

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Why You Need a Values-Driven Culture to Bring Your Business Smooth Success

Branding and Identity

Your organisation’s values are the foundations of everything you do. Or you may prefer to think of your organisational values as being the guiding compass that provides your direction.

By having strong organisational values, you’re shaping your organisation, engaging your employees and making it easier for your customers to have a relationship with you because they know who you are and what you stand for. 

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Achieving Customer Service Excellence Through Employee Engagement

Your business has embraced placing customer service excellence at the heart of everything it does. It’s part of your foundations. You understand that to provide customer service excellence; your customers need to feel loved, appreciated and rewarded. 

However, what some companies forget in this happy equation is that employees providing customer service excellence need to feel loved, appreciated and rewarded too. 

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Engagement Ideas and Empowerment Strategies For Business

Irrespective of whether your business is going through a period of change or enjoying a consistent period of growth and steadiness, having engaged employees is paramount to your success.

Here are some sobering statistics as food for thought from the Gallup 2017 Global Workplace Study :

  • Only 1 in 10 UK employees feel engaged
  • A fifth of employees feel actively disengaged
  • Engaged employees are 17% more productive
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Ideas To Improve Customer Experience and Maximise Return on Investment

For a company to succeed both in terms of its reputation and its bottom line, it has to put customer experience at the heart of its vision, values and mission. 

Twenty-first-century customers expect excellent proactive customer service and won’t hold back if they don’t receive it. We live in a 24/7/365 culture, and customer service has to keep up with the expectations it brings. Customers also take a broad view of customer service and

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6 Steps To Organisational Alignment

Organisational alignment is a key way for competitive organisations to stay ahead of their rivals and be innovative in business. And it starts with the leadership team.

What is Organisational Alignment?

It’s when your entire organisation, from top tier leaders to entry-level colleagues, shares the same organisational vision, mission and values for your company. Keywords here are communication, leadership by example and inclusion. This is vertical alignment.  The other dimension is horizontal alignment, when the various functions and departments work effectively together and key words are collaborative working, accountability and transparency.

These are familiar words here at SERVICEBRAND GLOBAL.  We work with multiple sized organisations to help them outline a shared sense of purpose both at a strategic and operational level. From this shared sense of purpose comes alignment. 

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How to Bring Core Values to Life in the Workplace

Never before have customers wielded so much power. That’s why many are using their wallet to drive social and economic change by supporting businesses whose core values they agree with.

As many as 63% of Americans hope that businesses will take the lead to drive social and environmental change in the future. 50% of consumers worldwide consider themselves ‘belief-driven’ buyers.

So, how does this apply to your business? 

Shared values are a fundamental driver of good customer relations. Interestingly, 23% of loyal customers are willing to pay a premium price for products from brands they identify with. 

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What’s the Importance of Brand Identity?

In the recent decade, more and more importance has been placed on brand and brand identity. Agencies are concerning themselves with proposing branding solutions to businesses, and whole teams are dedicated to assuring success in this area. 

Needless to say, investing in brand identity can therefore demand considerable effort and budget. You might be wondering what the importance of brand identity is, and if it really benefits your business.

In this article, we will be exploring the term and its significance to modern organizations.

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