How to Improve a Customer Experience Strategy

customer experience strategy

The UK Customer Satisfaction Index (UKCSI) is at its lowest level since 2015, sitting at 76.9, 0.8 points lower than January 2019. Organisations with higher customer satisfaction levels have higher employee productivity and engagement. 

We know that excellent quality customer service is built on a customer’s experience with that company, the company’s ethos, its complaint handling, its ethics, and the customer’s emotional connection to that company. We also know that the more a company invests in its customer experience, the higher the return on investment. 

If you are looking to improve your customers’ experience with your business, first you’re going to need a solid customer experience strategy. SERVICEBRAND GLOBAL will work with your business to ensure that through behaviour change, your teams are engaged, empowered, and invested in providing an excellent customer experience.

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SERVICEBRAND GLOBAL – How to Create a Brand Identity

branding and identity

Creating a brand identity for your business is an essential step for any organisation that wants to increase sales, improve customer service, and drive employee engagement. 

We’re living in extraordinary times, and exceptional times require a unique approach to creating the right branding and identity for your business. The stronger your identity, the more your customers, employees, service partners, and local communities will engage with it and stay with it. 

What’s Brand Identity?

Your brand identity is a way of communicating to the world your “essence” and outlining how you are different from your competitors. It’s a way of telling the world who you are and what you stand for, what you believe in, and what’s essential for your business. It describes what your company’s personality and character is, and what its purpose and values are too.

It’s not just your logo, typeface, colours, photography, website, and packaging. It’s who you are and your company’s customer experience style. It’s your employees as ambassadors for your brand, and it’s how you express yourself to the world via social media, your website, and YouTube. It’s also how you sound, taste, smell and feel. “Your brand is what people say about you when you are not in the room” Jeff Bezos

How We Can Help

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Looking to Values for Strength Versus Covid-19

How our personal values can support us at this challenging time

I have spoken to several people, now working from home, who are feeling “lost” to varying degrees at this time, searching for structure, direction and purpose. This is a good time to reboot: clear away everything that is unnecessary and focus on what is important to us. One way to do this is to identify your values, translate these into practical behaviours and then consciously practice them every day. This is the framework for the my31Practices approach: Identify, Action, Impact, Refine. The approach draws on a variety of sources such as psychology, neuroscience, mindfulness, NLP, action learning, habit formation and others and the book, MY 31 PRACTICES, release the power of your values for authentic happiness, co-authored with Steve Payne and illustrated by John Montgomery was published in 2016.

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How to Communicate Effectively During Times of Change

Effective communication during times of rapid change is different in style to communication in a steady state or “business as usual” environment. If you are a team leader, here are some tips that you might find useful to practice at this time:

Make Communication Regular and Frequent
It is imperative to set the expectation that there will be regular communication that is credible and comprehensive. Often there is a tendency for people to wait to send any type of communication until all the information is known and available. This is a mistake! It’s much more important to cycle your communication and repeat the same message often than to wait until all the information is complete and perfect. What if you don’t know something? Tell them! You can always say, “We don’t have all the information yet, but this is what we do know.”

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How to Improve the Customer Experience in a Values-driven Economy

The customer experience has never been as fundamental to business success as it is today. As well as consumers expecting more from the companies and brands they engage with as part of a values-driven economy, innovations in the world of CX have created an increasingly competitive landscape where a poor customer experience approach could put you out of the game for good.

To address your concerns over what you should and shouldn’t be doing to offer great customer experiences that support your growth, we’ve outlined five key steps you can take. While they’re not the total answer, they can help you create a solid foundation for delivering consistent customer experiences.

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Improve Organisational Alignment with Better Employee Engagement

While many businesses have wrongly assumed that more control, monitoring, and management is the only way to achieve organisational alignment, the truth is very different.

When employees are given the right framework and environment to grow and feel rewarded by their work, they will be a powerful force in moving your business in the right direction and improving integration across your company.

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Building a Customer Experience Strategy for Your Business

Attracting and engaging customers is an art in today’s incredibly competitive landscape of inbound marketing and customer-focused brands. 

To get your prospective customer’s attention and bring them through to conversion with carefully targeted, authentic and relevant content, you’ll need to dedicate some serious time and resources to building an effective customer experience strategy.

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The Art of Improving Employee Engagement

How employees feel about their work and office environment is a significant driver of success for your entire organisation. Engaged workers are more productive, reliable and can become your greatest brand ambassadors.

Effective leaders know that employee engagement is a fundamental part of achieving success in competitive markets. Ultimately, it helps to increase productivity and achieve better quality work output.

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The Importance of Brand Identity

brand identity

A huge shift has already taken place  whereby commercial enterprises that want to survive and flourish must offer their customers a values-driven service that projects a consistent brand image. While some believe this is simply a brand’s name and logo, it is certainly far more than this.

Brand identity includes all the visual elements of a brand, but also the company’s values and purpose. All of this together makes up brand identity and when this is done right, it can be incredibly effective at cultivating a positive impression in the minds of your customers.

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Synchronicity and closing circles

Long haul flights provide the opportunity for thinking time, sometimes even more than anticipated – thanks to BA for a cancelled flight.  I am on my way to New York to attend the Second Global Conference on Creating Value and give a talk about how values add value.  The talk is in the context of what I refer to as the Values Economy: how more people are making decisions based less on a rational and financial basis and more at a deeper, emotional level – think of the growth of Fair Trade.  The title of the book I am writing due for publication in 2020 is “The Values Economy: How to deliver values-driven service for sustained performance.”

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