Building a Customer Experience Strategy for Your Business

Building a Customer Experience Strategy for Your Business

Attracting and engaging customers is an art in today’s incredibly competitive landscape of inbound marketing and customer-focused brands. 

To get your prospective customer’s attention and bring them through to conversion with carefully targeted, authentic and relevant content, you’ll need to dedicate some serious time and resources to building an effective customer experience strategy.

What is a customer experience strategy? 

Customers interact with and develop perception of brands in a similar way to how they meet new people. There are a number of stages that range from initial and fleeting encounters to long-term and loyal relationships. 

The customer experience strategy is all about building a plan that allows your customers to build stronger bonds with your business. From the initial consumption of interesting content on social media, to reading your weekly newsletters or promotional emails, your strategy should consider all your customer touch points.

Ultimately, a great customer experience leads to endorsements and a growing brand presence that goes beyond your own marketing initiatives.  In the new paradigm of what we refer to as the Values Economy, an organisations stakeholder groups including customers and employees effectively become the marketing function.  At SERVICEBRAND GLOBAL, we can help you to build A sense of shared values and trust with loyal fans, which will have an exponential impact on your market reach. 

1. Create a vision

Build an ideal experience for your customers based on what you know about their behaviour and interests. Starting from the perspective of a potential buyer, create a full and engaging experience through your various channels which adds value for your customers, bringing them through to a final conversion. 

2. Know your customer

Make sure you actually know who your customers are. Use data analytics or conduct surveys and Capture feedback then build customer personas to target content at your customer base more accurately.

3. Make it a company-wide initiative 

Involve all employees in building your customer experience vision, share it with the entire company (and service partners) and let everyone know how they can contribute to it. you might be surprised at just how much your know about what your customers want. This widespread involvement will also support your brand consistency and company alignment when done effectively.

At SERVICEBRAND GLOBAL, we understand that the customer experience needs to play a central role for any business to deliver sustained performance. From mapping out the customer journey to enhancing communications to designing SERVICEBRAND Signatures to differentiate you from your competitors, we help our clients build a long-term customer experience strategy that supports their commercial goals.