Improve Organisational Alignment with Better Employee Engagement

While many businesses have wrongly assumed that more control, monitoring, and management is the only way to achieve organisational alignment, the truth is very different.

When employees are given the right framework and environment to grow and feel rewarded by their work, they will be a powerful force in moving your business in the right direction and improving integration across your company.

Redefine autonomy

Autonomy is often seen as something that only senior employees have the privilege of enjoying. Otherwise, it is only perceived as suitable for people in positions that require minimal teamwork and collaboration.

In reality, autonomy is one of the biggest motivators for people and introducing more of this into your business is a good thing.

We’re not saying employees should be allowed to do whatever they want. We’re saying: give them the right framework and structure within a values-driven business model so that they can set their own goals and direction. This will massively improve their engagement levels and productivity.

Revitalise your recognition and reward programs

Addressing the aspirations and concerns of your employees and building worthwhile incentive programs that they can connect with is a great way to improve employee engagement.

Some people might be happy to work towards a ‘raise’ or ‘bonus’ but is this really enough to capture their hearts and minds in the long term? We believe that recognition done well (specific, timely, sincere, personal) is the best return on investment you can make.

Treat people fairly

One of the golden rules in any company is to treat people fairly if you want them to continue to be engaged. It’s quite simple really.

If your employees believe they are not being rewarded appropriately for their efforts, or that someone else is being compensated much more generously due to favouritism, it’s easy for them to disengage and fall out of sync with your organisation’s direction.

What else do I need to know?

While there are other ways to improve the organisational alignment of your business, addressing the employee engagement of your team is a good place to start. If you’re looking for more advice on how to improve employee engagement or various other aspects of your business such as your brand identity or customer experience, get in touch with Servicebrand Global and we’ll help you build a values-driven business.