Looking to Values for Strength Versus Covid-19

How our personal values can support us at this challenging time

I have spoken to several people, now working from home, who are feeling “lost” to varying degrees at this time, searching for structure, direction and purpose. This is a good time to reboot: clear away everything that is unnecessary and focus on what is important to us. One way to do this is to identify your values, translate these into practical behaviours and then consciously practice them every day. This is the framework for the my31Practices approach: Identify, Action, Impact, Refine. The approach draws on a variety of sources such as psychology, neuroscience, mindfulness, NLP, action learning, habit formation and others and the book, MY 31 PRACTICES, release the power of your values for authentic happiness, co-authored with Steve Payne and illustrated by John Montgomery was published in 2016.

“This book helps you think through and deal with the problems and pressures we all face (in the workplace and our personal lives) to find personal solutions and a greater sense of wellbeing.” Professor Sir Cary Cooper, CBE, President of the CIPD

There is a simple four step approach:

  1. Identify what is important to you (myValues)
  2. Translate these into a set of behaviours (myPractices)
  3. Practice your myPractices every day (myExperiences)
  4. Reflect on your myExperiences at the end of the day

You can also choose video clips, quotes and images to support and reinforce your myPractices.

To give everyone the opportunity to benefit from the approach, my31practices is available to use FREE along with my31Practices.com using the code ValuesStrength2020. It is the approach of daily conscious practice and reflection that is most important and the website is a bit “clunky” so we will soon add a print out sheet for a month so you can keep track each day. Why not start today? If there are budding developers out there who would like to partner to create a my31Practices app, please be in touch. Also, if you are an employer wanting to offer this as an employee benefit, I can coach you on how to take people through the creation process.