SERVICEBRAND GLOBAL – How to Create a Brand Identity

Creating a brand identity for your business is an essential step for any organisation that wants to increase sales, improve customer service, and drive employee engagement. 

We’re living in extraordinary times, and exceptional times require a unique approach to creating the right branding and identity for your business. The stronger your identity, the more your customers, employees, service partners, and local communities will engage with it and stay with it. 

What’s Brand Identity?

Your brand identity is a way of communicating to the world your “essence” and outlining how you are different from your competitors. It’s a way of telling the world who you are and what you stand for, what you believe in, and what’s essential for your business. It describes what your company’s personality and character is, and what its purpose and values are too.

It’s not just your logo, typeface, colours, photography, website, and packaging. It’s who you are and your company’s customer experience style. It’s your employees as ambassadors for your brand, and it’s how you express yourself to the world via social media, your website, and YouTube. It’s also how you sound, taste, smell and feel. “Your brand is what people say about you when you are not in the room” Jeff Bezos

How We Can Help

SERVICEBRAND GLOBAL works collaboratively with your business from the roots up. We’ll identify how to reinforce your brand and foster a strong sense of engagement from employees and customers alike. We will ensure that your brand identity is easily identifiable, memorable, cohesive, flexible, and easy to apply.


1. Look at Your Current Brand Identity

We’ll help you take a friendly yet critical look at where you are now. We’ll work with you to understand exactly what your current brand looks like to your employees, stakeholders, and customers. Then we’ll work out how it can better support your organisational goals going forward. 

SERVICEBRAND GLOBAL will give you a precise, honest, and fair assessment of where you are now. We believe it’s the only way to truly understand what you’re good at and what you can improve. 

2. Create Your Brand Strategy

We will co-create a detailed plan that explains:

  • What your core brand is: its values, purpose, mission, and values
  • What your brand messages are: its personality, voice, tagline, core messages
  • What your brand identity looks like: logo, colours, website, typography, and so on. 

We’ll consult with your leaders, your teams, and your customers to ensure that we get it right the first time. 

3. Work out What You Look Like

Your brand is more than just the image you want to present to the world. It’s also how your customers, employees, service partners, and local communities expect to engage or interact with your organisation. So, if you go full-steam ahead and create a brand “face” that is not authentic, it just won’t work. 

We’ll work with you to better understand what your customers and stakeholders want, need, and value. 

4. Who’s Your Competition? 

We at SERVICEBRAND GLOBAL are here to help you make your brand stand out, be relevant, and unique when pitched against your competitors. Even if you know who your competitors are, do you know how you are perceived by employees, stakeholders, and customers when compared to your competitors?

5. Get Creative

We’ll work with you to write your creative brief to keep everyone anchored at every point of the project. We will help you outline your objectives, overview, focus, budget, timetable, messages, tone, and audience. We’ll also ensure that the creative brief includes how your audience (employees, customers, stakeholders) currently perceive you. We will ensure that everyone involved in the project is thinking in the same way and establish a way of measuring the success of your brand identity project. 

We’ll help you keep the brief jargon-free and user friendly. 

6. Brainstorm Time!

Our partners will take the information gathered from the above 5 steps and help you translate these into relatable visuals. We at SERVICEBRAND GLOBAL will brainstorm how words used to describe your company translate into the way you communicate your brand, your customer, and employee experience.

7. Design and Creativity

Now the design and creative work begin. We’ll collaborate with your Marketing, Human Resources (or People and Culture) and service delivery teams to create new ways to reinforce your brand identity. We’ll keep you rooted in the creative brief and ensure the work is consistent and relevant. 

Bringing It All Together

Last but not least, SERVICEBRAND GLOBAL will create a brand identity which flows through the way you do things everywhere, focussed on your customer experience and employee experience.  

Creating a brand identity is hard work. That’s why we’re here to walk you through every step of the way to ensure it’s a collaborative and enjoyable experience. 

For a free consultation or to make an enquiry, contact us today