Make a date with your Values

Make a date with your Values

Whilst visiting New York to spend time with a client for their annual 31Practices review, I took the opportunity to visit the Brooklyn Tabernacle for a Sunday morning service. Not everybody who attended was religious but the attendance of about 3000 reminded me of the power of bringing together people with a similar mindset and interests. This is the simple principle of World Values Day. Last year at a UK Values Alliance meeting the concept of a World Values Day idea was born and several months later it is nearly here.

Values are the things that are important to us.

Values are what make us who we are. They are the compass guiding everything we do – our choices and our actions. When we forget that compass, we take the wrong turn. It’s the same for our families, for our communities, for the world.

Our values show us the way.

World Values Day is 20 October 2016

Values are the things that are important to us, the foundation of our lives. They are deeply held principles that guide our choices and behaviours and influence our emotions. Values are the core of who we are. They are our motivators, our drivers, the passion in our hearts and the reason why we do the things we do.

World Values Day is an opportunity for us to think about our most deeply held values and to act on them. If we are aware to our values and put them into action each and every day, we can change our lives and change the world we live in.

From 1-20 October, you can join World Values Day to celebrate the topic of values. This can be making an individual choice and taking action or it could be organising a large event for people to attend, or something in between. Whatever the type and scale of project, you will be contributing to spreading the word about values around the world. @valuesday #WorldValuesDay