What have you done today?

“Proud” is Heather Small’s signature song with which she achieved international success and it was a thrill to meet somebody whose voice makes my spine tingle at this month’s UK Customer Experience and Customer Service training Awards www.uk-ce-awards.co.uk/.

Our judging panel was really impressed by the training entries in the Tourism and Leisure section but Butlin’s was a clear winner.  What struck me most was what the people who presented were not.  They were not professional presenters and they were not from the training department (Butlin’s has training navigators who also do their day job).  As a result all of the activity that takes place is alive in the operation on a day to day basis rather than being owned by a separate function on the side of the business.  The team were so passionate about their brand, their colleagues and their customers and it was a pleasure to hear about a SERVICEBRAND that wanted ….to make you feel proud.