What is Sustained Organisational Performance?

In an ever-shifting workplace paradigm, the idea of ten-year plans has started to fade. Instead, businesses are focusing on strategies that allow their brand to respond to change quickly. They hope to learn how to adapt to new habits that keep improving performance.

SERVICEBRAND GLOBAL helps progressive leaders of organisations to deliver values-driven service for sustained performance. There is a focus on culture and authenticity. Common behaviours consciously practiced helping everyone develop and deliver a brand-aligned customer experience. Creating a clear purpose, values, and brand identity help to engage employees.

Let’s take a look at what sustained performance means and how it can achieve.

What is a sustained performance in an organisation?

Sustained performance in an organisation achieved when the business remains true to its purpose and values over time while navigating the changing business landscape in a proactive and agile way. Leaders play to the strengths of the organisation and, at the same time, invest time in continually identifying areas to improve and taking action. 

Implementing resilient life practices for employees with a conscious leadership style allows businesses to adapt to new challenges more quickly while consistently fulfilling the organization’s values.

Other key areas in delivering sustained performance are values-based recruitment, employee engagement, and performance management. 

It is the combination of focus areas which helps to develop a robust values-driven culture throughout.

When sustained organisational performance achieved, some of the indicators are as follows:

  • High performance liberated on all levels in the context of the organisation
  • Employees react well and with resilience to environmental challenges and changes.
  • Strong and mutually rewarding relationships formed with stakeholders.
  • Leaders and teams bounce back quickly from major organisational setbacks.

As a result, leaders, and teams spend more time in a state of flow in which everyone can comfortably obtain high levels of performance, satisfaction, and engagement.

How is Sustainable Performance Achieved?

One key aspect of achieving sustained performance is organisational alignment. This was when every aspect of the company tuned to the same set of values. These are clearly defined and enacted throughout, at leadership, middle management, and front line levels.

Conscious Leadership

Leaders are in the best position to facilitate change towards sustained performance. This is why executive leaders need to model resilient practices and lead by example. Gone are the days where leadership focussed on issuing tasks to employees and monitoring performance. Leaders must treat their teams with compassion and empathy to achieve the best levels of performance in a shifting paradigm that focuses more and more on emotional connection and values-driven leadership.

Resilient teams

Sustainable, high performance is not an immediate effect of resilient individuals. Instead, specific skill development and training are often needed to teach employees how to build relationships and unleash their peak potential.

To achieve resonance within a team, all employees must have a common goal in mind and socially invest in the brand’s values. Being in tune with the brand’s purpose and aligning themselves with the organisation’s values allows employees to focus on critical priorities. It enables them to make values-driven decisions.

Clarity from the start about priorities and values makes it easier to resolve conflicts and avoid misaligned goals.

Values-based culture

The first step towards achieving cultural alignment is a clear definition of the organisations’ values. Both leaders and employees should relate to these values and, more importantly, live by them in practice. A brand’s values-system also features in the recruitment and selection process. Candidates can be assessed by whether they are a good fit for the current and desired culture.

Leaders and teams that demonstrate these values should be rewarded and encouraged. At the same time, contrary behaviours cannot be tolerated. When all members of an organisation are on the same page and live by the same habits and values, a more harmonic, happy, and effective workplace is created.

Our SERVICEBRAND Approach Promotes Sustainable Organisational Performance

At SERVICEBRAND GLOBAL, we believe that there are two keys to sustained performance. We help authentic service organisations achieve long-term resilience and improvements through strategic implementation. We appreciate that culture is a key basis for implementing strategies in the workplace. As such, we focus on the customer experience by promoting the organisation’s purpose and values as a foundation for brand identity.

The second driving factor is organisational alignment. Our approach focuses on the key areas of brand identity, employee engagement, customer experience, and organization levels. We provide a framework that facilitates values-driven behaviours in both leaders and teams.

Through a supportive coaching style and aligned strategies, management, and delivery, sustained success can be achieved.

Visit our website for more information, or get in touch for a consultation on how SERVICEBRAND GLOBAL can help your business achieve sustained performance.