Summertime and the service is easy…

Recently, I took a courtesy bus from the railway station to a client office and during the journey, the driver whistled “Summertime”.  This happens to be one of my favourite tunes and he whistled very well so it was a really enjoyable experience.  When the bus stopped, I said “thankyou” and he wished me a good day in a genuinely warm way.  I also noticed that he was immaculately groomed and very smartly dressed.

Customer experience – tick, employee engagement – tick, brand DNA – tick.  The SERVICEBRAND concept being delivered but not a white paper, research document or book in sight.  It is the behaviour of the driver that made such a positive impression.  The question is, was this a one-off because of the goodwill of an individual or a more conscious approach by the organisation to deliver an excellent experience consistently?

And the livin’ is easy
Fish are jumpin’
And the cotton is high